A little history about us

Rocky Mountain Clay

by Lynn Williams Owner

Clay in Colorado…

Rocky Mountain Clay is busy daily in clay production of premium quality clay that began many years ago. My Mom & Dad first built a ceramics business and then a custom clay building to supply Colorado with clay. They were foundational to growing the current ceramic community. As a family member, I was involved most of my life with ceramics and clay. My favorite ceramic memory is teaching classes with my Mom. Yet, as my own family grew, I took a 15-year step away from clay to raise our 5 children. In 2013, My husband and I were faced with an interesting opportunity: to buyout the same clay manufacturing facility and make awesome clay!

You are the potter I am the clay

Today, clay with integrity is our goal. Rocky Mountain Clay has committed itself to providing the same great clays (and any custom clay mixes) with exceptional customer service. In addition to moist clay and raw materials, we have new state of the art clay equipment offering premium de-aired moist clay to supply the Rocky Mountain region.

Thank you for making Rocky Mountain Clay your clay of choice.

Bulk Clay Supplies for Teachers and Artists


1220 W 1st Ave, Denver, CO 80223

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