Dover Sand


  • Cone 6-10
  • Our Dover Sand Clay is great for sculpting, hand building, and tile work, but still great to throw on the wheel!
  • Dry clay is also available for an additional $.14/lb at each weight. Please call for ordering.



This clay also has an exceptional firing range! Dover sand fully vitrifies at cone 6, but will fire at cone 10 beautifully. Try it out, I guarantee you will like it!

Dover Sand is Dover with the addition of silica sand for added strength and texture. Silica sand is also useful to promote an orange peel surface texture on unglazed clay surfaces in soda and salt kilns. With the addition of silica sand we have maintained the right degree of plasticity for sculpting and tile work. We carefully calculated the correct percentages of silica sand and its optimum particle size for superior performance in Dover Sand.



Cone: 6-10

Wet Color: White

Fired Color
Oxidation: White
Reduction: White

Texture: Medium
Penetrometer Target: 7.5
Avg. Shrinkage ±2%: 11.8%
Avg. Water Absorption ±1%: 1.1%


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