Freedom 2327HE PKG


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This Kiln is in stock in Denver. 208v, 1ph. Other options available for pickup or shipping within 5-7 business days.

Freedom 2327HE Package – Freedom 2327HE 23 3/8″ wide x 27″ deep, fires to cone 10-2350°F

Freedom Package Includes – Freedom kiln, Free Furniture Kit, Free Assorted Stilt Pkg., Freedom Kit-Free Emergency Repair Kit, Free VentMaster, Free lid lifter. All you need for the perfect setup!


Each Freedom kiln is made of 3" brick for extra insulation and energy efficiency and fires to cone 10/2350°.  Freedom Kilns are equipped with the Bartlett Instruments 12 key electronic controller, V6-CF with six ramp-hold user programs and multiple features including delay start, preheat, cone offset, skip step and many more for precise firings every time.  Messages and Information are available for reviewing a firing profile before or during the firing, viewing the current segment the firing is in, and cone table for easy look up of temperature and cone number equivalents.


Upgrade to Genesis touchscreen controller for even more user friendly programming.


Freedom Kilns 23" wide or larger are equipped with a lid lift assist which makes opening and closing the kiln smooth and easy.  Every Freedom kiln ships with its own Free Freedom Kit, an emergency repair kit filled with over $200 worth of merchandise, two elements, a thermocouple, pint of mortar, crimping tool and wiring schematic Freedom Packages include a Furniture Kit (3-4 layers of shelves, posts and kiln wash, plus a Free Assorted Stilt Kit with 33 stilts for firing glaze pieces) and a VentMaster for venting your Freedom kiln.


Free Yourself with a Freedom Package! Everything you need to create when you receive your Freedom Package!


This will ship out nation wide with free delivery with a lift gate!

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