Mason Stains



Mason Stains brighten your world a bit! Mason Stains are man-made colored powders used in glazes, bodies and slip.

All stains listed are in stock. If not listed, please request specific stains and we can stock them for you.

Mason Stain
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Stain Color

6000 Shell Pink, 6006 Deep Crimson, 6009 Coral, 6028 Orange, 6020 Alumina Pink, 6024 Orange, 6026 Lobster, 6027 Tangerine, 6088 Dark Red, 6121 Saturn Orange, 6129 Golden Ambrosia, 6201 Celadon, 6204 Victoria Green, 6263 Victoria Green, 6236 Chartreuse, 6242 Bermuda Green, 6266 Peacock Green, 6271 Mint Green, 6300 Mazerine, 6304 Violet Chrome Tin, 6305 Teal, 6306 Vivid Blue, 6333 Lavender, 6339 Royal Blue, 6373 Turquoise Blue, 6376 Robins Egg Blue, 6381 Blackberry Wine, 6385 Pansy Purple, 6410 Canary Yellow, 6404 Vanadium Yellow, 6450 Praseodymium Yellow, 6464 Zirconium Vanadium Yellow, 6527 Shadow Grey, 6530 Silver Grey, 6572 Nuetral Grey, 6612 Onyx Black, 6600 Best Black, 6650 Cobalt Free Black, 6666 Cobalt-Free Black



Pigments can be used in underglazes for brushing onto greenware or bisque. If used only with water as a medium, some glazes may crawl, so for best results, mix the stains with a frit (for example, Ferro frit 3124). Begin with a mix of 85 frit/15 pigment and test. Transparent gloss glazes applied over the top will heighten the intensity of the colors.

When using pigments in glazes, usually in concentrations of 1–10%, a little more care must be taken because some pigment systems react with materials in a glaze. Some pigments are affected by the presence, or lack of, boron, zinc, calcium, and magnesia.

Please visit Mason Color for exact stain details.