Red Rock Red with Grog


  • Red Rock Red with Grog has 30 mesh grog added to Red Rock Red which is perfect for sculptures who want to use low fire clay. Red Rock Red with Grog has durable hand building capabilities, does not crack easily, and evenly dries.
  • Dry clay is also available for an additional $.14/lb at each weight. Please call for ordering.
  • Pricing priced by the pound. 25lbs ordering quatity
Weight 1 lbs

100 lb, 1000 lb, 2000 lb, 25 lb, 4000 lb, 50 lb, 500 lb


This clay contains the same advanced clay body formula as Red Rock Red but with the addition of grog for added “tooth”. It also has even drying and excellent handling properties. This formula is specifically designed for low fire sculpture projects. It is created with the most exclusive blends of clays and raw materials and is mixed with a high level of quality control to ensure uniformity throughout different batches. This is a great low fire clay for sculpting and throwing because of the added strength from the grog.


Weight 25lb 50lb 100lb 500lb 1000lb 2000lb 4000lb
Price $18.00 $32.40 $57.60 $270.00 $468.00 $864.00 $1,584.00
Price/lb $0.72 $0.648 $0.576 $0.540 $0.468 $0.432 $0.396


Cone: 06

Wet Color: Terra Cotta

Fire Color:
Oxidation: Terra Cotta-Red
Reduction: N/A

Texture: Smooth
Penetrometer Target: 7.5
Avg. Shrinkage ±2%: 7.6%
Avg. Water Absorption ±1%: 11.5%

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

100 lb, 1000 lb, 2000 lb, 25 lb, 4000 lb, 50 lb, 500 lb

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