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Now Selling Firewood For Wood Kilns

on April 05, 2017

Now Selling Firewood For Wood Kilns

Need firewood for your kiln? We have the trucks to conveniently deliver up to 4 cords of firewood for your wood kiln. Saves you time, money, and the hassle of getting firewood for your wood kiln.

All wood is pine and delivered in a bundle. Cutting is required to burn in a wood kiln. Each bundle of wood may vary +- 5% of a cord. Lengths may also vary. 1 Cord = 4’x4’x8′.

FREE delivery for orders more than $150 to the Denver Metro Area, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs. Please email to inquire about delivery to further areas.

How Does Our Firewood Provide Beautiful Results?

Soft woods, like pine, will produce ash that will flux out at a lower temperatures compared to the ash produced from most hard woods. This will give your pots a bright high gloss glaze where the ash is deposited on pieces in your kiln.
Wood with large amounts of bark will be beneficial to the amount of ash build up produced on pieces during the firing. The bark will burn off quickly and produce light ash that is drawn by the draft through the kiln. This will increase the amount of ash that is deposited on the sides of the pieces in the earlier stages of the firing. This ash will melt in the later stages of the firing at higher temperatures, producing rich glossy glazes.