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Wedging Clay

on December 18, 2017

Wedging Clay

Rocky Mountain Clay strives to provide our customers with de-aired premium pottery clay. However, before forming your clay into the beautiful piece you are going to create, wedging (or knead) your clay is always a good idea.

Clay is wedged in order to align particles. Clay particles are flat and held together by water. Through the action of wedging the clay particles become aligned and charged by the water that is bonding them to make it plastic.

Check out the images above to see some awesome tips when it comes to wedging your clay.

Here Are Some Tips on Spiral Wedging:

Wedging motion and the rotation can be like a little dance. It is a good workout and an opportunity to assess the consistency of the clay that is going to be shaped. If the clay is very soft, it may be best suited for shallow wide forms, but if it’s a little stiffer; it might be good for larger vertical forms.