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Red Rock Red Smooth
Red Rock Red Smooth
Red Rock Red Smooth
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Red Rock Red Smooth



    Red Rock Red took extra time and effort to develop but it is definitely worth the work. This clay looks like the traditional “terra cotta” red earthenware clay that have seen in flowerpots, however, we have taken this reliable formula to a new dimension by adding extra ingredients which achieves plasticity and strength. We recommend this exceptional blend of high iron content clay, fireclay, ball clays and kaolin to potters who wish to achieve smooth clay slab building, coil construction, or throwing. These characteristics are not found in other low fire red clay body formulas. Beginning potter’s and students will find this clay easy to work with and suitable for a wide range of commercial glazes. Advanced potters also enjoy this clay.



    Cone: 06

    Wet Color: Terra Cotta

    Fire Color:

    Oxidation: Terra Cotta-Red

    Reduction: N/A

    Texture: Smooth

    Penetrometer Target: 7.5

    Avg. Shrinkage ±2%: 11%

    Avg. Water Absorption ±1%: 2.5%