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2454 Plenum Spring for EnviroVent 2 Cup
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2454 Plenum Spring for EnviroVent 2 Cup


    A designated number of holes are drilled in the lid and fl oor of the kiln either in the factory or on location. A spring loaded plenum cup (see diagram on page 4) is placed under the kiln and tensioned between the fl oor of the kiln and the fl oor under the kiln. The holes in the fl oor of the kiln are drilled in a tight pattern so the plenum cup can cover them all. The other end of the cup is connected by 3” ducting to a fan which is generally mounted on the wall. On the opposite end of the fan the air is ducted through the wall to the outside air. The plenum cup has 3 additional holes from which it draws room temperature air to mix with the heated air from the kiln. This serves 2 purposes. Since the kiln air is mixed with cooler room air the air coming out of the end of the vent is never hotter than an average hair dryer. Secondly, the holes in the plenum cup are sized to reduce the vacuum on the kiln chamber so only a small amount of air is moving through the kiln. This ensures the fi ring time is not affected and the ware is not at risk.

    Using gloves to protect your hands, stretch the fl ex tubing to the proper length for your installation. Stretch out the last 3” of tubing on each end of the duct to ensure they are wide enought to fi t over their connections. Be careful not to collapse the open end of the fl ex tubing. You should be able to stretch the fl ex tubing 6 ft. to 8 ft. Attach the length of 3” diameter aluminum fl ex tubing to the 3” sleeve on the plenum cup and secure with the hose clamp. Place the spring over the plenum cup stand post and insert the 7/16” stand post into the small hole in the bottom of the aluminum plenum cup. Refer to the installation drawing if necessary. When properly assembled the plenum stand should be spring loaded into the bottom of the plenum cup. Place the plenum cup and stand under the holes drilled in the kiln fl oor by rotating the cup horizontally, compressing the spring to permit cup rotation to vertical and releasing the spring tension. Ensure that the plenum cup is centered under the holes in the kiln’s fl oor.