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On Sale Items (19)

MAS1818HE (In Stock!)


MAS1823HE 1ph (In Stock!)


e18M-3 Pottery Kiln 240v, 1ph (In Stock!)


KM-1027 Kiln, 240v, 1ph (In Stock!)


e28T-3 Pottery Kiln (IN STOCK!)


Skutt Prodigy Wheel (In Stock!)


Skutt Legend Wheel 1/3HP (In Stock!)


Skutt Element for KMT/KM1027, KS1027, 230, 231, 235 (In Stock!)


Skutt Element for KMT/KM1227, KS1227, 280-3 (In Stock!)


MAS2327HE (In Stock!)


Laguna Pacifica GT-400 Potters Wheel (In Stock!)


EnviroVent 2 (In Stock!)