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Bartlett V6-CF Control Board
Bartlett V6-CF Control Board
Bartlett V6-CF Control Board
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Bartlett V6-CF Control Board

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The V6-CF controller has been discontinued by bartlett. The new KilnStar controller is the replacement for this! Click HERE to go to the Kilnstar


    Discover the Bartlett V6-CF Kiln Controller, a renowned 12-key interface found in leading kiln brands like ConeArt, Bailey, Olympic, and more. Whether you're upgrading or replacing an old board, this is your ideal control solution!

    As Bartlett Instrument Company's fifth-generation kiln controller, the V6-CF embodies enhanced reliability, advanced features, and user-friendly design. Its cone-fire method simplifies firing—choose from four preset firing types (slow bisque, fast bisque, slow glaze, or fast glaze), input your cone number, and fire your ceramics with just six key presses. Customization is key: the vary-fire method empowers users to craft and store up to six 8-step programs, perfect for ceramics, crystalline glazes, glass, or jewelry.

    Delve into its array of features including delay start, preheat, alarms, cone and thermocouple adjustments, °F or °C operation, a 16-segment program, and skip step capabilities. Experience unparalleled control over your kiln firing process with the Bartlett V6-CF Kiln Controller.