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Denver Parks and Rec Pottery Supply List

Mix and match these tools and clay to get your project started!

The mid-fire clays will work for your Denver Parks and Rec class! Qty is in weight, a bag is 25lbs, a box is 50lbs!

002000 Stoneware Glaze Clear Pt


002070 Stoneware Glaze Clear Gal


002100 Mid-Fire Glaze, Blue Tiger's Eye Pt


002101 Mid-Fire Glaze, Blackened Copper Pt


002102 Mid-Fire Glaze, Blushing White Pt


002103 Mid-Fire Glaze, Dragon Stone Pt


002104 Mid-Fire Glaze, Teal Agate Pt


002105 Mid-Fire Glaze, Blue Topaz Pt

Bulk Clay Supplies for Teachers and Artists

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