Black Plastic Bat



Both 12″ and 14″ bat fit all standard pottery wheel heads

Black Plastic Bat
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Weight 3 lbs
Bat Size

9" Square, 12" Round, 14" Round

They’re easy to care for, extremely versatile, and a great choice for schools and art centers where pots are often left on bats for long periods of time.

Our Plastic Bats are textured on both sides so clay adheres equally well on either surface: a true “two-sided” bat. They are cut from a high-quality marine grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which is produced using a patented extrusion process. This ensures perfect flatness of every sheet and every bat!

  1. Clay adheres to texture on both sides
  2. One hole and one slot for 10″ pin spacing which compensates for variations in wheel-head pin spacing
  3. Rounded or “bullnosed” edges for smoothness, better wear and easy removal from the wheelhead
  4. Easily washable
  5. Full 1/4″ thickness