Horseshoe Pit Clay


Note: Horseshoe pit clay can vary color from Gray, white, buff, or red red. If you have a color preference, please put in order notes and we will try to accomodate.

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600 lbs, 1200 lbs, 2400 lbs, 9600 lbs

Description: Our Horse Shoe pit clay is popularly used for professional regulation tournament horseshoe courts. The moist clay has been found to have desired qualities that allow the horseshoes to stick into place when thrown rather than skipping as seen with sand. This clay does not stick to the horseshoes or to the bottom of shoes when properly cared for.

Packaging: This clay comes in 25lb blocks premixed to the right water content. All you have to do is add to your pits. This allows for quick ease when adding to your horse shoe pits. Anyone can do it quickly, mess free, and easily. You don't have to worry about mixing dry clay with water in your pits.


Amount of Clay Needed: One end of a 4' x 3' sized pit with clay that is 6" deep will use about 600 lbs of clay. For both sides of one court with the above dimensions, 1200 lbs of clay will be needed. A full pallet (as seen in the above photo) is 2400 lbs. Each individual pugs are 25 lbs and are 6" x 6" x 11"


Purchasing: To purchase, use our website here, call, or email us!


Freight Shipping: We partner with many freight companies to get reasonable costs. Please call us for a freight quote for exact freight charges. The website will charge $195 for freight - If freight costs should exceed this, we will contact you with a freight estimate. If the freight estimate is rejected, the order can be refunded upon request. Lift gate included in charge, so not extra machinery is needed for unloading. It will be dropped at your sight and simply carry each block in a wheel barrow or by hand to your pit and add!



This clay is recommended by the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association and care techniques are described below:

"CLAY: Clay dries to unusual hardness, a condition certainly not conducive to good horseshoe pitching, but when kept moist and putty-like, it provides excellent service. Preparation of clay is learned by experience. Too much water will produce "slick", a liquid solution which serves no purpose and keep the clay unmanageable. Too little water allows the clay to crack like a cookie or even harden. When suitably moist, with no trace of slick or cracking the clay will be found to be pliable and soft. Watering dry clay pits should be done by loosening the clay to 4 or 6 inch depth by shovel and adding water (leave clay around the stake for a couple inches to prevent "slick" from building up..."slick" tends to "pump" up around the stake after the clay has been watered excessively). Watering clay pits after they have been used takes only a very light sprinkling of the top surface and then shaving only the top 2 or 3 inches of clay with a shovel and turning it over, thus allowing the water to work on the underside of the clay while the next game uses the freshly turned surface of clay. This kind of maintenance after each game or practice game will keep the clay in excellent condition throughout an entire tournament. When courts are not in use, a light sprinkling and a cover to prevent evaporation and sunlight will keep the court ready for the next time it is used. Tournament directors should have shovels and sprinkler cans available and should tell pitchers if they are expected to maintain courts themselves." - Source:

-This clay has been used in many Horseshoe Pit Courts including Memorial Park in Colorado Springs.

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600 lbs, 1200 lbs, 2400 lbs, 9600 lbs

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