KM1027, KS1027 Kiln Elements



Kiln Elements. Please select your voltage first.

Skutt 1027 Elements
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240v, 240v, 208v, 208v, 208v

Phase and Position

1/3 Phase, Top/Bottom, 1/3 Phase Center, 1/3 Phase, Top/Bottom, 1 Phase, Center, 3 Phase, Center

  • Individual Elements for Skutt 1027 kilns. Does not fit 3″ brick. Includes instructions, crimps/connectors, and pre-stretched element. 1 element/package.
  • We recommend purchasing elements in complete sets. The kiln will fire more evenly, as designed. And often when people purchase one, a second burns out soon after the first.
  • Elements are non-returnable.
  • Please call for other models or brick thickness. We often stock them.