Mountain Stone Dry


  • Mountain Stone  is a very plastic, strong clay that offers a beautiful color. The moderate iron spotting enriches glazes and the fired clay. Once you use Mountain Stone, you will be hooked- spots and all!
  • This pricing is for Dry Clay – Sold in 50 lb bags
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If you are looking for a speckled clay, be sure to try our Mountain Stone. Moderate iron specking produces an irregular brown specking pattern in the clay offering various options for a covering glaze.We have blended a diverse amalgam of fire clays, ball clays and stoneware clays to achieve superior handling qualities and firing effects. Our Mountain Stone is a strong, durable clay developed for oxidation and reduction kiln atmospheres. It fires dark brown in reduction and light brown in oxidation kiln atmospheres.



Cone: 8-10

Wet Color: Red Brown

Fire Color
Oxidation: Cream
Reduction: Speckled Medium Red Brown

Texture: Medium Coarse
Penetrometer Target: 7.5
Avg. Shrinkage ±2%: 12.2%
Avg. Water Absorption ±1%: 2.5%


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