SpaceSaver Bat System


Bat System
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Weight 7 lbs

Whole System (1 x Adapter Bat + 8 x Insert Bats), Additional Insert Bats Only

The SpaceSaver by StudioPro is a convenient system for making smaller pots and maximizing table space in your studio. The entire system is fully compatible with the now unavailable Wonderbat. It consists of a 14″ adapter bat and 8- 6″ insert bats. Both are made from a 1/2″ exterior grade MDF which provides excellent bottom drying and rigidity. The adapter bat mounts on standard wheel-head pins with rubber “through hole” grommets making a true two-sided bat.

  • Made from 1/2″ exterior grade MDF
  • “finger lifts” and rounded edges for easier removal, smoothness and longer wear
  • Excellent bottom drying
  • Rubber grommets spaced 10″ on center for standard wheel pins
  • Through-hole grommets make the SpaceSaver a true two sided bat