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CT 3 with Paper
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CT 3 with Paper


The pricing of this product is based on a per-pound basis, with each unit representing 25 lbs. Therefore, the price reflects the cost per pound, not the entire 25 lb increment.



    This clay is a variation of CT 3, but with added paper. CT 3 with paper is a unique example of how adding paper can add a strong green variation to the clay. We have precisely blended mix paper (cellulose) into the clay, which increases strength, adds a green color and improves forming durability. This clay is suitable for large-scale ceramic projects because the paper adds extra strength to the standard CT 3 clay.

    The new formula of CT3 Paper has higher absorption then previously. This is due to the formula shifting away from the gray talc. It still has excellent glaze fit and should be sealed with a glaze for functional-ware. Unglazed pieces can be sealed with an outdoor paver/stone sealer, but will not be food safe.


    Cone: 06

    Wet Color: White

    Fire Color:

    Oxidation: White

    Reduction: N/A

    Texture: Smooth

    Penetrometer Target: 7.5

    Avg. Shrinkage ±2%: 8%

    Avg. Water Absorption ±1%: 2%