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Dry Dover Sand
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Dry Dover Sand



    One of the most complex tasks when developing a white stoneware clay body is to achieve a white fired color clay with excellent handling properties. With this formula, we have achieved our goal. We have merged a range of high-quality white clays and precisely-controlled ceramic materials to form unique qualities compatible in throwing and hand building forming operations. Our Dover Sand white stoneware clay fires to a lush white in oxidation and reduction kiln atmospheres. A unique quality of our clay is its ability to impart traditional orange peel effects in salt or soda kilns due to the sodium in the kiln atmosphere reacting with the alumina and silica in the clay body. Dover Sand clay also produces surface distinctive flashing in wood firing kilns.



    Cone: 7-10

    Wet Color: Grey/White

    Fire Color

    Oxidation: White

    Reduction: Grey White

    Texture: Medium Coarse

    Penetrometer Target: 7.5

    Avg. Shrinkage ±2%: 12%

    Avg. Water Absorption ±1%: 1%


    Sold and priced in a 50lb bag.