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Olympic - Electro Sitter - Controller Board
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Olympic - Electro Sitter - Controller Board

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    Introducing the Electro Sitter - a modern replacement for your outdated kiln sitter model! The Electro Sitter package includes a selection of electronic controllers tailored for cone-fire or ramp/hold programming, a Type K thermocouple already affixed, along with ceramic fiber, and a comprehensive electronic controller manual.

    The installation process is straightforward. The Electro Sitter seamlessly fits into the spot where the existing kiln sitter/timer is connected to the kiln. Just remove the screws securing the kiln sitter on the front of the kiln and detach the wires linking it. Attach these wires to the back of the Electro Sitter in the exact same manner they were connected to the kiln sitter terminal block. The thermocouple from the Electro Sitter is then threaded through the kiln sitter hole, extending 1 inch inside the kiln. Utilize the included fiber to fill the space within the kiln sitter hole. Once the Electro Sitter is in place, consult the provided controller manual for further guidance. When you're prepared to program the controller, switch the kiln to high. Congratulations, you now have a kiln under precise electronic control!

    Electro Sitters are versatile and compatible with kilns of various brands that are equipped with a kiln sitter. These units are rated up to 50 amps, and higher amperage options are available for an additional fee.