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Kentucky Mudworks Brown Bear ^5-7
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Kentucky Mudworks Brown Bear ^5-7


The pricing of this product is based on a per-pound basis, with each unit representing 25 lbs. Therefore, the price reflects the cost per pound, not the entire 25 lb increment.

Price weight discounts are combinable with other clays up to the 2000lb price for other brands of clays.

    For optimal results, we advise bisque firing at a SLOW pace, preferably between cone temperatures ^06 and ^04, followed by a SLOW glaze firing. When encountering difficulties with certain commercial glaze brands exhibiting pinholes, experimenting with bisque firing up to ^03 can be beneficial. However, if exclusively utilizing Mudworks glazes, bisque firing to ^06 suffices, unless a higher bisque is preferred.

    This product boasts a finely textured, exceptionally smooth body, producing a rich, deep chocolate hue when fired at cones 5-6. It achieves maturation at cone 5-6 and remains resilient without bloating even at soft cone 7, provided it undergoes gradual heating during the final 300-400°F. Free from grog, it imparts a delightful warmth to glazes, lending them a reduction-like appearance in oxidation.

    Our meticulous trials with our Super Clear glaze have yielded minimal to negligible presence of bubbles or green tint, ensuring a pristine finish. Containing less than 2% Manganese, it exhibits a shrinkage rate of 15% and absorbs less than 0.5% at cone 6.