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KM-1027-3 Kiln
KM-1027-3 Kiln
KM-1027-3 Kiln
KM-1027-3 Kiln
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KM-1027-3 Kiln

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This kiln is made to order, with an expected arrival time of 4-6 weeks.
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    KM-1027 with 3" Brick. Advanced yet user-friendly, our firing controller empowers you to craft up to 32 segments for custom firing programs using Ramp and Hold. Store up to 12 programs or utilize the reliable factory-set programs in ConeFire Mode. Built-in diagnostics streamline troubleshooting with simple button prompts, providing invaluable insights into kiln issues. New safety measures prevent accidental starts and overfires.

    This innovative software doesn’t just stop there. It tracks firing costs and the number of firings, enabling you to fuse glass, execute slow-cool Cone 6 glazes, or grow crystals—all programmable. The controller boasts more capabilities waiting for your exploration.

    Employing Current Sensing Technology, Skutt installs a Current Sensor in every KilnMaster Kiln. With the push of buttons, you can relay amperage, voltage, and voltage under load readings to repair technicians, expediting troubleshooting and saving time and resources.

    Our sectional design brings practicality and convenience. Easily transport sections for moving or focus on specific repairs without disassembling the entire kiln. In case of damage, you can replace a section rather than the entire kiln, ensuring ease and cost-effectiveness.

    Balanced element design optimizes heat distribution, focusing more heat on the lid and slab areas. This design flexibility not only enhances loading options but also extends element life by reducing strain on individual elements.

    We prioritize precision with an exposed Thermocouple, allowing for faster reaction time and heightened accuracy. Plus, we provide an extra Thermocouple upon purchase for quick and easy replacement. Additionally, Type S (Platinum) upgrades are available for enhanced functionality.

    Lid Lifter, a standard feature in our 10 and 12-sided ceramic kilns, effortlessly handles 100lbs with its all-stainless construction, making tension adjustments easy and safe.