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Skutt FireBox 8x4/8x6 Furniture Kit
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Skutt FireBox 8x4/8x6 Furniture Kit

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    Introducing our precision-crafted furniture kit designed to optimize your kiln space for efficient firing and exceptional results. Perfect for ceramic artists and enthusiasts alike, this kit includes essential components to elevate your pottery projects with ease.

    Included in this comprehensive package are:

    - (1) 1/2" 7" x 7" Shelf: Engineered for durability and heat resistance, this compact shelf provides a stable base for your smaller ceramic pieces. Its precise dimensions make it ideal for maximizing kiln space while ensuring even heat distribution for consistent firing results.

    - (3) 1" Posts: Sturdy and versatile, these posts are essential for creating multi-level shelving configurations within your kiln. With their robust construction and precise measurements, they provide reliable support for your pottery during firing, allowing you to maximize kiln space efficiently.

    Crafted with quality materials and engineered for reliability, our furniture kit empowers you to unleash your creativity and achieve flawless firing results. Whether you're a professional ceramic artist or a dedicated hobbyist, trust our kit to enhance your pottery projects and elevate your craft to new heights. Experience the convenience and precision of our specialized furniture kit and transform your kiln into a powerhouse of creativity.