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Skutt KM Harness Wire Set - KM1227/KM1027/KM1222/KM1022/KM1022-3/KM822/KM822-3 1ph
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Skutt KM Harness Wire Set - KM1227/KM1027/KM1222/KM1022/KM1022-3/KM822/KM822-3 1ph


    Harness wires establish connections from the power cord block to the line side of the relays, as well as link the load side of the relays to the rear of the terminal strip. The harness wire kits include all necessary red lead wires to replace your current wiring.

    Why do the new replacement harness wire sets feature yellow electrical connectors while the old ones have blue connectors on the relays?

    All recently manufactured harness wire sets employ 12 Gauge wire rather than the previous 14 gauge wire. If your kiln is equipped with light blue connectors on the harness wires and they exhibit any signs of wear (such as corroded connections, discolored wires, or burned connections), it's recommended to replace them with a new set of 12 gauge wires. The larger wires assist in prolonging relay lifespan by maintaining lower operating temperatures.

    Will these harness wires be compatible with my kiln if it has black or clear relays?

    Both black and clear case relays utilize the same harness wire sets. For detailed information on different relay types, please refer to the provided document. Note that replacing your harness wires might also entail changing your relays.

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