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Skutt Type K Thermocouple (8 ga.) with Block & Wire
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Skutt Type K Thermocouple (8 ga.) with Block & Wire


    How can I determine the right thermocouple for my kiln?

    Skutt simplifies thermocouple replacement by offering the widely compatible Type K 8 Gauge Thermocouple for nearly every kiln model. Even if you have an older M1 type thermocouple, you can upgrade it to the new style 8 Gauge.

    The key detail to ascertain for your Skutt kiln is whether you have a Type K or Type S Thermocouple. A yellow jacket around the wire indicates a Type K, while a green wire signifies a Type S. Type K is significantly more prevalent than Type S.

    What sets a Type K and Type S Thermocouple apart?

    All thermocouples are fabricated from two distinct metals fused at the tip, generating a precise electrical current when heated. Fortunately for potters, this electrical output is very precise and can be quantified and correlated to a temperature, which can then be interpreted by a computer controller. Various types of thermocouples are constructed from different metal combinations. Most kilns used by home and studio potters employ what's known as a Type K Thermocouple, fashioned from chromel and alumel, offering a cost-effective and reasonably accurate option. Type S Thermocouples, composed of platinum and rhodium, are pricier but offer greater precision.

    Is it necessary to replace the porcelain block and wire when changing the thermocouple?

    No, as long as the wire and block remain undamaged and corrosion-free, there's no need for replacement.

    Which wire is designated as positive and which as negative?

    In a thermocouple setup, the red wire corresponds to the negative pole, while the yellow wire represents the positive.

    Help! I swapped out my thermocouple and now the temperature seems to be going in reverse...

    If you inadvertently switched the red and yellow wires, the temperature will initiate at room temperature and then decrease instead of rising when you start the kiln. Eventually, this will trigger an ERR D (ERRD) message, halting the firing process. To rectify this, simply swap the wires back. Ensure correct polarity throughout the entire thermocouple circuit.

    Replacement of 8 Gauge Thermocouple - Standard Thermocouple