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Skutt Elements for KMT/KM818-3” 30 AMP, KS818P-3”
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Skutt Elements for KMT/KM818-3” 30 AMP, KS818P-3”


    Skutt Kiln Wiring Schematics

    Guidelines and Video for Replacing Elements in a Skutt Electric Kiln

    Step-by-step Instructions for Element Replacement in Skutt Kilns – Provided by

    Genuine Factory Elements

    All elements available at are authentic factory-made components by Skutt Ceramics, Inc. Please note that these are NOT aftermarket alternatives.

    What's Included with the Element?

    The element package comprises one element, straight pins, two replacement porcelain insulators, and detailed printed instructions. Additionally, if you're purchasing elements for a non-PK kiln, you will also receive two barrel-type crimp-on connectors. PK Kilns employ reusable screw-type connectors, so you'll only need new element connectors if your current ones are corroded or damaged.

    APM Elements Versus Standard Kanthal A1 Elements

    APM ELEMENTS MAY NOT BE SUITED FOR ALL. While APM Elements are composed of nearly identical material as standard elements, the key difference lies in their manufacturing process. With APM elements, the extruded material is ground up, remelted, and then extruded once again. This imparts greater dimensional stability, making them less prone to sagging or creeping, especially at high temperatures.

    Sagging and creeping are more likely to occur during firings at high temperatures, potentially shortening the lifespan of your elements. Therefore, if you primarily work with crystal glazes or frequently fire to Cone 10, you'll likely appreciate the extended lifespan of APM elements. However, if your firing range is mainly low or mid (Cone 04-6), you may not experience significant benefits.

    Skutt APM Elements Compared to Standard Kanthal A1 Elements

    Do You Need New Elements?

    If you've noticed that your firing times are longer than before, or if you're encountering an "ERR1" message on your automatic Skutt kiln when it's almost at the desired temperature, it's likely time to replace your elements.

    Here are some signs indicating that elements may need replacement:

    - The coils forming your elements are drooping and clustered in the brick channels.

    - The resistance of your elements exceeds 1.5 ohms beyond the factory specification. Refer to the KM Resistance and KS Resistance sheets.

    - You can spot a visible break in an element.

    - Your automatic kiln displays an "ERR1" after firing but comes very close to its target temperature.

    Diagnostic Assistance

    If you're uncertain about whether your kiln requires new elements, take a few moments to watch relevant videos and peruse the available documents covering common kiln troubleshooting.