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Small Paddle
Small Paddle
Small Paddle
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Small Paddle


    This is a favorite general-use paddle-shaped tool. We make ours out of reclaimed local hardwood. The beautiful hardwood (sourced from dead and dying trees) makes a paddle that will give you a lifetime of use. This little guy works hard, whether you are using it to join a seam, putting a pleat in a tea bowl or deforming a small pot.

    Why do we include a sock for our paddles? This tool will do the job with or without a cover, but if you've worked with wet, sticky clay, you know how a paddle wants to cling to the surface. A sock allows the paddle release quickly when slapping clay. Buy a Mudtools paddle and start slapping your clay today!

    Additional/replacement Paddle Socks are available for those who work their tools hard and/or like to switch between clay bodies. Replacement paddle socks are sold in pairs (sock colors will vary).

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