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Zam Super Body
Zam Super Body
Zam Super Body
Zam Super Body
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Zam Super Body


The pricing of this product is based on a per-pound basis, with each unit representing 25 lbs. Therefore, the price reflects the cost per pound, not the entire 25 lb increment.



    If we didn’t think our clay body was superior, we wouldn’t have named it Zam Super Body. This is our most trusted pre-mixed clay, having a wide appeal to potters of any experience levels. The Zam Super Body is an exclusive blend of ceramic raw materials, along with premier-quality small, medium, and coarse clays resulting in superior handling qualities. Our clay body is produced under the highest standards for quality control. It is especially designed for use on the potter’s wheel and hand building. This clay body formula has a long history of success in reduction and oxidation kilns, and it has been developed to work well in producing functional pottery and sculpture while fitting a wide range of glazes. It is unusual for a clay body to work well in wide temperature ranges (cone 6 to cone 10) but this unique formula performs. In reduction firing conditions, Zam Super Body is a light to medium brown color. In oxidation atmospheres it fires to a soft warm oak yellow color. Zam Super Body can be used in salt/soda and wood firing kilns (that’s why it’s named Zam Super Body).



    Cone: 6-10

    Wet Color: cream

    Fire Color

    Oxidation:  soft warm oak yellow

    Reduction: delightful light, medium brown color

    Texture: Smooth

    Penetrometer Target: 7.5

    Shrinkage cone 9: 11.5%

    Shrinkage cone 6: 12%

    Absorption cone 9: 0.0%

    Absorption cone 6: .92%