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Shimpo VL Whisper Wheel
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Shimpo VL Whisper Wheel

$1,472.00 $1,840.00
    Attention: Cautionary Advisory from Shimpo: This merchandise has potential risks for individuals with pacemakers. Usage without prior consultation with a medical professional may lead to severe injuries or fatality.

    Additional Options:
    - Adaptable Seating
    - Extension Kit for Legs

    Shimpo introduces an innovative amalgamation of the RK-Whisper pottery wheel's cutting-edge technology and the renowned features of the Velocity V75 pottery wheel, resulting in the newest addition to the Whisper series: the VL-Whisper.

    Responsive and potent, it boasts high torque across all velocities, making it the pinnacle of tranquility in the pottery wheel arena. Its serenity must be experienced to be truly appreciated!

    Kindly note: Many international patrons will necessitate a transition from 120-volt to 220-volt operation. Please click here to incorporate this enhancement.

    Key Attributes:
    + Brushless DC Motor: Silent, robust, low maintenance
    + Electronic Control: Ensures consistent speed regardless of workload
    + Wide Speed Range: Optimal velocity under varying conditions
    + Reversible Functionality: Accommodates both left and right-handed users
    + Integrated Circuit Breaker: Safeguards motor from overload
    + Remote Foot Pedal & Adjustable Elevation: Adaptable to diverse throwing positions
    + Wheelhead Rotates Freely at 0 RPM: Doubles as a banding wheel
    + 14-inch Light Alloy Casting Wheel-Head, Equipped with Bat Pins
    + Two-Piece Splashpan: Completes the ensemble
    + Five-Year Warranty: Offering peace of mind
    + Capable of centering up to 100lbs