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Skutt Power Cord Sets and Plugs for KM714
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Skutt Power Cord Sets and Plugs for KM714


    How can I determine if I should replace my power cord or plug?

    Kilns draw a significant amount of amperage, which can lead to increased wear on the power cord. Signs of wear include:

    - The plug feeling warm or hot during kiln operation

    - Discoloration or swelling of the plug head

    - Presence of corrosion (green powdery substance) on the plug blades

    Does the power cord come with a plug and necessary hardware?

    Absolutely! All power cords come fully equipped with a plug head already installed. Additionally, if required, the essential hardware for attaching the power cord to your kiln is included.

    What is a NEMA and how does it simplify things for me?

    NEMA, short for National Electrical Manufacturers Association, establishes industry standards for companies producing electrical equipment like plugs and receptacles for electric kilns. The diagrams above illustrate the six most commonly used configurations for Skutt Kilns.